You are brand new to yoga: If the thought of jumping into a group class sounds intimidating this is a perfect way to learn the basics and start your practice on the right foot. You will learn breathing techniques, proper alignment, and modifications for the basic poses that fit your body’s needs. You will also learn how to unlock the secrets of meditation. One-on-one sessions can also help prevent common frustrations and injuries when you are starting out.

You keep experiencing the same physical challenges: Chronic back pain, shoulder pain, or past injuries may need special attention. In my experience you need to understand your own anatomy better in order to build a stronger foundation. We will access your body’s asymmetries and I will give you a comprehensive plan to bring balance to your body and life.

You have specific goals:  I’m great with beginner to intermediate students looking to improve their strength and flexibility, as well as peace of mind. I’m aware of my limitations as well, and if I can’t help you, I have an amazing network of teacher friends that I can refer you to.

You need specific modifications: I’ve worked with all shapes, sizes, and many levels of health over the last decade. I can help you adapt and modify movements and create classes that safely challenge you whatever your starting point and whatever your needs.

A few more reasons to consider private lessons:

  • Your schedule is packed full
  • You don’t like crowds
  • You have hit a plateau
  • You need some extra motivation
  • You like to make the most of every minute in class
  • You want to proceed at your own pace

LOCATION: We can meet at Karmany Yoga Dallas, (5014 McKinney Ave).  I also make house calls for people I know, or referred clients.

CLASS LENGTH: Sessions are generally 1 hour.

COST: Per session cost is generally $125.  However discounts may apply for 2 or more consecutive sessions.

FREQUENCY: Many people find they can address and overcome a specific issue with two to four private sessions. Other students use ongoing weekly or monthly private sessions as a convenient and fulfilling part of their yoga practice.

GROUP RATES AVAILABLE: Smart employers can schedule lunch time yoga to motivate a work team. A yoga class for bride and bridesmaids is a healthy, fun way to calm nerves before the big day. Yoga is a fun and unique way for scout troops to earn their health and fitness badges. If you are interested in group rates, we are happy to work with you on logistics and planning.

Email Jayme at for more information on Private Sessions and Group Rates.