Join me for me class at Karmany Yoga Dallas, Dallas’s premiere donation based studio!  After running a typical yoga studio for over 9 years I have embraced this simple model.  We don’t sell memberships but rather you pay what you can afford.  Half of your contribution pays the teachers and the other half pays the studio.  We don’t sell clothes or mats and no one is trying to hook you in on a promo or sell you classes that expire.  Karmany instructors motivate you to love the practice by teaching a great class, not with a sale.  Because at Karmany everyday is a sale!

My Weekly Schedule at Karmany Yoga Dallas, 5014 McKinney Ave

I always provide an open level class. Everyone is welcome no matter what your experience level. The Power Flow class, also known as Vinyasa Flow, is a fluid series of poses that I systematically link together to heat, strengthen and lengthen your entire body complete with a guided meditation.

[email protected] 5: 45 PM 60 minute Power Flow:

After a hard day at work, or an especially relaxing weekend, this class helps you start moving again! I can really feel the energy in the room on Mondays and this is often the sweatier class of the week!

Wednesday @ 5:45 PM 60 minute Power Flow:

Wednesdays are always different. Sometimes I can feel a lot of stress in the room, while other times everyone shows up ready to move. With this session I always read the room and go with the flow to meet the needs of the class.

Friday @ Noon 60 minute Power Flow:

Fun Friday! I’m always excited about Fridays! The noon Friday class is typically a light-hearted affair and we often play around with a few trickier poses. Always a fun time!

Saturday @ 10:30 AM 75 Min Power Flow 

Expect to sweat and move!  I like to incorporate a few Tai Chi inspired flows in this class.  Tai Chi is like a moving meditation and great for strengthening the joints while maintaining their pliability.

Sunday @ 4:00 PM 75 minute Soft Flow + extended meditation

Who doesn’t like to slow things down on a Sunday?  I try to choose the most effective strength inducing postures to prep the body for some deep stretching and relaxation and leave plenty of time (at least 10 minutes) for a guided meditation.